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Our Why

The I SEE YOU Campaign was created by Cheron K. Griffin to the plight of suicide and the prevention of suicide.  It is recorded that suicide is a mental and non-mental condition though some might not agree.  I SEE YOU is a “Celebration of Life” of those who are here and those who have transitioned through SUICIDE.  It is a campaign birthed to remember the good that was and the good that is.  It’s a campaign that provokes authentic smiles through prevention - mental health awareness or circumstantial evidence/s for example, bullying, loss of hope, and low self-esteem.  These are a few examples. 


The “I SEE YOU” Campaign is a “Happy Campaign” that recognizes that we all need someone to see our hearts whether we are smiling or not.  It’s a “Celebration of Life” for celebrities and non-celebrities alike.  I SEE YOU taps into the psychological, physiological, and the spiritual within everyone.  We SEE YOU through talks, the arts, style and fashion, entertainment, and spiritual enlightenment.  Grow A Girl Network, Inc (501C3 NPO) simply wants people around the world to know that “I SEE YOU and YOU ARE LOVED.”


The “I SEE YOU” Campaign celebrates all walks of life and lifestyles, respectfully.  It’s an all-inclusive campaign that acknowledges those who have been discriminated against.  Our campaign honors the armed forces, veterans, and LBGTQUIA communities.  It supports youth, parents whose children have transitioned from suicide, and spouses – to name a few.  Children as young as age 5 have committed suicide and over 1 million people committed suicide on last year alone.  Also, during last school year, the Houston school system had over 1000 suicides alone.  Suicide affects us all.  Mental Health and the ills of society contribute to this pandemic -bullying, relationship issues, financial instability, and many other reasons. 

The "I SEE YOU" Campaign is under the umbrella of Grow A Girl Network, Inc (, a 501C3 non profit organization federally recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service.  

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