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1 Million People, 1 Million Dollars


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Elderly Suicide
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How We Got Our Start

The I See You Campaign originated in Colombia, South Carolina, during a period when Cheron K. Griffin was substitute teaching. A seemingly simple question posed to students at a local high school, "What challenges do youth face today?" unexpectedly led to an emotionally charged discussion. The profound depth and insight shared by the youth during this conversation served as the catalyst for the birth of the I See You Campaign. From that moment forward, Cheron's perspective was forever transformed.

Through Arts and Entertainment, we are connecting the plight of suicide, life experiences, and personal views to a diverse audience in a featured film, documentary, and a cartoon.  We are donating 15% funds raised to 3 organizations that support mental health and suicide prevention.  You will have the opportunity to view your contribution in real time.

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We Direct Our Support To

The Battle Within

Black Mental Health Alliance


A portion funds raised will be allocated to support the initiatives of three esteemed organizations.

"In 2018, for the first time in the history of such research, the rate of suicides for Black children between the ages of five and 12 has exceeded that of White children, and more than a third of elementary school-aged suicide involved Black children."

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